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Inbox for JIRA is ready to use as soon as you install it!

It comes with a predefined set of events that will trigger notifications in the Inbox for JIRA menu.

1. Inbox Settings (User)

  • Click on your "profile picture" in the top right corner.
  • Click "Inbox Settings"
  • Select the events that you want to subscribe notifications to. See User Settings - for end-users

On this page:

2. Get on top off issues!

Keep track of important issues by clicking on the Inbox for JIRA menu when it indicates that an issue has triggered an event that you are interested in.

Notifications will appear in the Inbox for JIRA icon and indicates how many unread issues there is.

Clicking on the menu will drop down a list of changed issues

  • Use the + comment symbol to add a new comment to the issue directly from the menu
  • Click the watch symbol to set reminders.
  • Use the hamburger menu  to open an action menu bar to perform more actions on the issue, such as vote/unvote, watch/unwatch.
  • The menu show the time since the event that made the notification on the issue. E.g. time since the issue got commented and you received the notification.
  • Within the menu there is information about the last comment that was aimed to you and the stats on how many times the issue been notifying you and the event.
  • If the comment is to big to be displayed, there is an option to hover on the "show more" to display the complete comment or click on it to goto the issue and the comment.

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