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The global settings can be reached by going to System > Add-ons in the section Inbox for JIRA or by clicking Configure on the add-on.


Cog → Add-ons → Inbox for JIRA

This page control the default user settings for your organisation. Changing these settings will reflect on each user that has not yet changed their own settings.

The purpose with these settings is give the JIRA admins ability to control a default template for the users and also control what notifications (events) the user can subscribe to.

Users that changed their own settings are overriding the global settings for the enabled events.

Event \ Role table - Notification subscription

The event role table is used to mark when the user shall get notified. All event types are supported including custom event.

How to subscribe to an event / notification for a role?

  • Check the select box for the event row with the role that shall get notified.
  • Uncheck the select box for the event row with the role that shall get notified.

Custom Fields

Inbox for JIRA supports these custom field types to be notified on;

  1. Single User Picker (native JIRA)
  2. Multi User Picker (native JIRA)
  3. Single Group Picker (native JIRA)
  4. Multi Group Picker (native JIRA)

When a custom field is selected in the list then and saved, then it gets enabled and shows up next to the other roles (assignee, reporter, watchers, mentioned) as shown in the picture.

This also enables the field for all users and they can select/deselect the events to be notified on.

Disabled Events

The JIRA admin has the possibility to disable certain events. There might be custom or default events that are not used or needed, those can be disabled by adding them to the select list.

Inbox will hide the event from the Event \ Role table both on the admin and the user's settings page.

How to disable an event?

Add the event to the select list called Disabled Events

How to enable an event?

Remove the event in the select list called Disabled Events

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