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Inbox for JIRA settings control when a users will get notified on an event. Events are triggered in JIRA when changes are made, such as updating an issue or commenting an issue.

User settings


User Profile icon → Inbox Settings


In use the Inbox Settings link in the bottom of the menu

Event \ Role table - Subscribe to notifications

The event role table is used to mark when the user shall get notified. All event types are supported including custom event.

How to subscribe to an event / notification for a role?

Check the select box for the event row with the role that shall get notified.

How to subscribe to an event / notification for a role?

Uncheck the select box for the event row with the role that shall get notified.

Transitions in JIRA is by default triggering a Generic event. This can be changed in your workflow by editing the post-functions. For instance you might want to change the last transition in your workflow to trigger an Issue Resolved or Issue Closed event.

Filter out notifications

There is an option to limit the notifications to only a list of Projects or to a custom JQL Filter. 


Each user has the ability to select the project that they want the notifications shall apply to. 

This is done by selecting the project in the Projects select field.

JQL Filters

Specify any JQL filter to control the notifications even further. 

Some examples:

Risk manager might only want to get notified if a Risk appears, then that person would set the JQL filter to be: type = Risk

Others might just be interested in high priority then they would set the filter to: Priority = High

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