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Integration Hub for Jira short named i.hub is an automation tool for REST integrations. 

Solves common integration problems such as creating a ticket in another system and fetching data from external systems.

  • Uses the standard HTTP protocols to communicate with any arbitrary endpoint. 
  • Automated by event listener on issues and schedule jobs, defined by a cron expression.
  • Can retrieve and update external systems

The scenarios are endless, from communication with external systems as well as operating on the JIRA instance it is installed on.

Examples of systems that Integration Hub for Jira can integrate towards!

There's a new add-on in town! "REST integrations and automation for Jira" made by the add-on vendor Rixter.

REST integrations and automation for Jira enables custom made, no-code trigger-driven rest-integrations and automation.

During the engineering research, people have said: "This is the missing piece we've been looking for!".

So, what's the fuzz all about?

This addon gives you the power to create REST integrations and automation from an intuitive UI; no-code and scriptless. Triggered by an issue event or on a scheduled basis, all in the world of REST API's.

All your REST-integrations aka. "actions" can be chained, using the response from one as input to the next. Hence, the possibilities are endless!

The fact that Jira is exposing a REST API's this becomes extremely powerful, you can now automate your Jira instance in any way you want.

REST integrations and automation for Jira can be found at the Atlassian marketplace. Click here to Get it now!

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Happy integrations!