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Migration has now the original objekt key.

Do step 2 and 3 using export / import of project and object schema

Update the custom fields to map to new objectType Ids.

Step 4. Re-link the issues to insight objects

  1. Go to iHub
  2. Click on Credentials and add basic auth to the other Jira
  3. Click on outbound Integrations
  4. Click New
  5. Select template Jira Core →Search
  6. In the URL add ?jql=project=myP and customfield_x != empty 
  7. This will search the Jira for issues with the custom field that is not empty.
  8. Click New again
  9. Select template Jira Core →Edit Issue
  10. Select Parent to be the action above
  11. Enter the URL to the other Jira that will be fixed with references.
  12. Go down to the body section and specify the custom field that will be update

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