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{{issue}}The issue that triggered the request. (or was in context of the scheduled job). Note: Scheduled RINT integrations will only have an issue if an issue context scope has been defined.

Current date/time 


The Jira instance base url (since v1.0.1) 


Upper case on "U" in baseUrl


Get all comments for the issue

Usage: {{#comments.all}} {{body}} {{/comments.all}} = Iterate all comments, print its body

Note: add more attributes or change {{ body }} to any other comment attribut, see Jira JavaDoc


Get the latest comment object for an issue. 

Usage: {{comments.latest.body}} = Latest comment body 

{{comments.latest.authorApplicationUser.displayName}} = Latest comment author name


Get custom field name.

example; {{customfield_10003}} is a field called "Multi User Picker"

When using  {{customfield_10003}} in the URL or Body it will resolve to Multi User Picker.

To get the value of the custom field use the {{issue.customfield_10003}}

{{currentUser}}Returns the current user as a ApplicationUser object

Defining custom variables from a response